What is the point of this game?Edit

To kill enemies, take their drops, and level up to level 20. Have fun!

The bigger goal is to defeat Oryx the Mad God. Oryx the Mad God has put you in his world, where you are food for his minions. The minions protect him and must be kept fed. By defeating the minions, you weaken Oryx's protections. Eventually you will be able to reach Oryx and fight his simulacrum. And then, if you are lucky you will actually face him face to face.

How do I change my controls?Edit

Press the 'o' key, or while in the Nexus, press the wrench on the right side. You will have a list of functions put in different categories which are found at the top. To change which keystroke handles the function, simply click the letter and press the key you wish to use. Be careful, because if you use a key already in use, other functions using that key will be disabled until you assign a new key! Help on specific functions explained lower.

How do I get out of Nexus (Home)?Edit

Nexus has many portals leading to the various Realms where you can fight minions. These portals are located in the main central courtyard of Nexus. To enter one, stand on the portal and click "Enter" in the lower right of the game screen.

Does this game have instructions?Edit

Yes. Tips will show up every so often. You can turn these off in the options.

What is Realm Gold?Edit

Realm Gold is a currency that can be used to purchase consumables such as clothing and accessory dyes (and cloth patterns), pets, loot tier and loot drop potions, EXP Boosters and dungeon keys. As of 03/28/2013 (build 12.0.0), tier 8-12 weapons, tier 9-13 weapons, and tier 4-5 abilities can be purchased for Realm Gold. You cannot buy the Wine Cellar Incantation. As of 04/26/2013, tier 6 abilities were also added to the shop to be purchased with Realm Gold.

Each account starts with 40 gold for free (which is not renewed each time your character dies), you may purchase gold by standing on the gold coin icon located at each market place. Realm Gold may be purchased with Credit Card, Mobile, and Paypal payments.

I've just unlocked a new class, how do I change class?Edit

You may only have one existing character per account at a time unless you purchase extra slots with Realm Gold. If you do decide to buy an extra slot, the first two are on discount, the first is 600 Gold, the second is 800 Gold, but from there on out they're 1000 Gold per character slot.

To change class without purchasing a new slot you must kill or delete your current character. This will return you to the character select screen where you can choose your new class.

What is the maximum level?Edit


Is there anything to do at level 20?Edit

Yes! You can collect stat increase potions to max your characters stats. Lead groups of adventurers to defeat the Cube God, Pentaract, and other high level bosses. Help others level to 20 so that your group will be strong enough to defeat Oryx. Once you defeat all the bosses you'll open the Oryx Encounter, which is tough, even at level 20.

What is the maximum for stats?Edit

It varies by character class. See the individual class entries here. Once a stat has reached its maximum, the number will be displayed in gold.

What is rolling?Edit

Rolling is when a player continuously levels up a character over and over until the random number generator gives it a substantially above-average HP and/or MP at Level 20.

Where is the Pirate Cave?Edit

Pirate Caves can sometimes open after you kill a Pirate, Piratess, Red Gelatinous Cube, Purple Gelatinous Cube, or Green Gelatinous Cube. If you have a pirate cave key, shift click it to open the cave.

How do I pick up loot?Edit

Stand on the loot bag/chest and drag the item into your inventory. If you did this during the tutorial, you would've gotten a free defense ring.

How do I chat?Edit

If you haven't registered, do that first. If you have registered, simply hit Enter, write a message, then hit Enter again. In order to send a private message, or PM, simply hit Enter, type /tell playername (message), and hit Enter again to send. Private messages will be displayed in blue text. Lastly, if you are in a guild, it is possible to send a message to all of your guild-mates by simply hitting Enter, typing /g (message), and hitting enter again to send.

If a monster shows up while you're chatting, you can click on the game map to resume combat before you've finished typing your chat message. To finish typing your chat message, press Enter again.

How do I heal?Edit

Some monsters will drop health potions or snake oil or healing ichor. Save these and use them to heal when you need to.

Priests, Paladins, and Necromancers can heal themselves and others nearby. Stay in a group with one of these healing classes to get healed. When your health is low, you will flash red, so that they will know that someone needs healing. Priests have instant healing, Paladins heal over a duration, and Necromancers drain the life from enemies to heal their companions.

All characters have a vitality stat which heals you over time. Increasing your vitality through the use of stat pots or items allows you to heal more quickly.

Is death permanent?Edit

Yes. Once your character dies, it stays dead. You're free to make a new character and you may end up doing so many times.

How do I save?Edit

The game autosaves. Your character is still maintained if you leave and return later.

Your character is saved in your Flash cookie. If you wipe or block cookies, it won't be able to save it. If you create an account in the game, you'll be able to save your character and play it from multiple computers, without worrying about Flash cookies.

How do I sell, trade, give away, or destroy my stuff?Edit

You can not sell stuff, but you may be able to trade with people, or you can just drop items you don't want as an alternative:

To initiate a trade, click on a character's icon below your inventory slot, click trade, then wait for them to acknowledge the trade. Once they do, click the item you wish to give/trade and click the trade button. The other player then decides which items to trade with you. They can also give you none. This is a safe and effective way to give items away to a specific person without the risk of losing the item to a ninja-grabber which often happens when you drop an item. Before accepting a trade, be sure to check which items you have highlighted in order to avoid accidentally trading items you wish to keep.

To drop, drag the item from your inventory onto the main game area. A bag will appear with that item. Others can pick up the item from the loot bag. Left alone, it will disappear after 30 seconds.

How do I use special abilities?Edit

Every class has one special ability from the item in the second inventory slot. To use it, shift click on the map or press Space. Special abilities use mana, which regenerates automatically (or you can use a magic potion). Stronger abilities use more mana. Your special ability item will darken when you do not have the required mana to use it.

Is there a map?Edit

Every time Oryx is defeated, he destroys the world and creates another. There are roughly 20 randomly generated maps. Brave explorers have mapped out some of the worlds:

The map generation algorithms are described in these blog posts: part 1:polygons, land, beaches, oceans, lakes; part 2: elevation, rivers, moisture, biomes; part 3: rendering, Flash demo, and source code.

Before build 100, this simpler map generation algorithm was used (that page has a Flash applet that lets you generate your own maps).

Where are tougher monsters located?Edit

Monsters levels are usually dictated by the terrain they are located at. Beaches are populated by the weakest monsters. Forests, deserts, and grasslands have the middle level monsters. Rocky (dark gray) and snowy (white) mountains are populated by “gods”. Monsters of all types can wander into other areas, so don't get too careless. Following roads will keep you within the same general level of monsters. Following rivers uphill will take you into the mountains.

The wiki has a list of monsters.

What are gods?Edit

It's a blanket term used for the strongest type of monster in the game.

Where are the dungeons?Edit

Monsters used to occasionally drop keys (see list); shift+click the keys to open the dungeon portal.

Now if you want to enter a dungeon you must kill the approriate monsters until one will open or purchase a dungeon key in the nexus.
Make sure anyone you want to bring along are nearby; portals don't stay open long.

The wiki has a list of dungeons.

How do you get equipment?Edit

You kill monsters and loot the bags they leave behind. If you're lucky, other players may be willing to give you stuff. The wiki has a list of known equipment.

What can my class use for equipment?Edit

All classes can equip a weapon, ability item, armor and a ring.

Rogue: Daggers, Cloaks, and Leather Armor.
Archer: Bows, Quivers, and Leather Armor.
Wizard: Staves, Spells, and Robes.
Priest: Wands, Tomes, and Robes.
Warrior: Swords, Helms, and Heavy Armor.
Knight: Swords, Shields, and Heavy Armor.
Paladin: Swords, Healing Seals, and Heavy Armor.
Assassin: Daggers, Poisons, and Leather Armor.
Necromancer: Staves, Skulls, and Robes.
Huntress: Bows, Traps, and Leather Armor.
Mystic: Staves, Orbs, and Robes.
Trickster: Daggers, Prisms, and Leather Armor.
Sorcerer: Wands, Scepters, and Robes.
Ninja: Katanas, Shurikens, and Leather Armor.

What are the best pieces of equipment?Edit

Most equipment in the game is classified by tier, which ranges from T0-T12 for weapons, T1-T6 for abilities, and T1-T13 for armors. Due to the existence of UT weapons and armors, one piece of equipment is not always better than the other. These are several "toss-up" items. The Class Guides do a good job of explaining the pros and cons of each on a case by case basis.

How do I cheat?Edit

You can't. There is an anti-cheat device implanted in the game. If you try, it will erase the offending character and you will not gain any Fame.

Is there PvP in this game?Edit

No. The game's architecture does not allow for it.As of build 12.0.0, there exists no PvP mechanic in the game.

Is there autofire for your weapon?Edit

Yes, press the T key. It is possible to change this hotkey in options.

How do I turn off the sound/music?Edit

Press the O key (unless you have already changed the hotkey in options) or use the Wrench icon in the Nexus. Go to Sounds and toggle "Music" to off.

How do I know who's online?Edit

Type /who.

Why do some people shoot so fast?Edit

It's because they have a high dexterity stat.

How do I respawn?Edit

Leave the fame screen by clicking Continue and then you will be sent to the Character Select screen. If your game reaches a point where it is unplayable, click on the black part of the page and press CTRL+F5. If the problem persists, see if your problem is already on the forums and post in its thread. If it's not, make a new one.

Do enemies respawn?Edit

Yes they do. They respawn according to how many enemies on that type are on the map. They respawn too often to go extinct, so don't worry about that anymore.

How do I unlock other classes?Edit

You start out as a wizard, but by reaching certain levels with certain classes, you can unlock even more.

Level 5 required for these:
Priest - Wizard
Archer - Priest
Rogue - Archer
Warrior - Rogue

Level 20 required for these:
Knight - Warrior
Paladin - Priest and Knight
Assassin - Rogue and Wizard
Necromancer - Priest and Wizard
Huntress - Rogue and Archer
Mystic - Huntress and Necromancer
Trickster - Assassin and Paladin
Sorcerer - Necromancer and Assassin
Ninja - Rogue and Warrior

You can have one character per account (More slots can be bought with Realm Gold). When your current character dies, you get a chance to try a different class. Your character does not have to be alive in order to get the other class; you just have to reach level 20 once.

How do I get more than one character?Edit

Buy Realm Gold, which supports the game's development. It costs 600 Gold for a second slot, 800 for a third, and 1000 for each following slot.

How do I increase stats after level 20?Edit

Gods and bosses occasionally drop what are called “stat potions” (see list). Drinking one increases the corresponding stat by 1 point. They only come in Eight varieties: Attack, Defense, and Speed are dropped by gods in the realm, Wisdom is dropped by the boss of the Undead Lair, Vitality by the boss of the Abyss of Demons, Dexterity by the boss of the Sprite World, Mana by the boss of the Ocean Trench, and Life by the boss(es) of the Tomb of the Ancients. All Stat Potions, save for Mana and Life, are dropped by event bosses.

What happens when Oryx runs out of minions?Edit

He cannot run out of minions. He will constantly spawn new ones to fight. He can, however, run out of Quests, at which point he will lock the realm from being entered for two minutes before summoning all remaining players to his castle.

Where is Oryx?Edit

Oryx will be in the middle of his chamber, which can be entered through the portal which drops upon completion of the castle (killing the two stone guardians at the end).

What happens when Oryx dies?Edit

He drops a Locked Wine Cellar portal and a bag of rare items. The map is regenerated during the earthquake before the battle.

Why does Oryx die so fast?Edit

Because some high-level players got to him first and decided to eviscerate him.

Where is Oryx's Wine Cellar?Edit

After Oryx's simulacrum is defeated in Oryx's Chamber a locked Wine Cellar appears. A Wine Cellar Incantation, a drop from Dungeon Bosses, is required to unlock it.

How do I teleport?Edit

There are three ways that you can teleport to other players, assuming that they are on the same map as you. First, if they are nearby or if you have locked onto them, you can click their name in the grey box in the bottom-right of the screen, opening a menu which will allow you to choose to teleport to their location or lock onto them so you can always have them displayed in that box. Secondly, you can use the minimap and click on a yellow dot representing a player, which you can teleport from. Thirdly, you can say /teleport [their name]. Some consideration should be observed in using teleportation; low-level players shouldn't whimsically teleport to level 20 players in the godlands, who may be soloing very dangerous enemies and whose game might be disrupted or ended by a careless follower. However, this can be a very convenient way to meet up with friends or get around the map quickly.

How do you change your name?Edit

First, you must register (i.e. make an account) in the link at the top right of main menu. When you're registered, you may either change your name by the main menu, in the "change name" text below your randomly generated name, or at the yellow knight at the Nexus, by standing on him and clicking on the "change name"below your inventory. When you're done, you now have a unique name.
Note: After you've chosen your name, you may only change it again by paying 1000 Realm Gold, which is bought with real life money. It's better to choose your name wisely.

Why are some names yellow?Edit

These names have been registered through the Name Chooser.

Why was my name changed?Edit

Your name was probably considered offensive.

Where can I store my extra items?Edit

In the Nexus, there is a portal to the Vault just south of where you spawn. This Vault is account-bound, so any and all characters that you create in the account share it.

How do I log out?Edit

Click Logout on the top right corner of the title screen. You can get there by refreshing, changing your character in Nexus, or dying.

Where do I find the class quests?Edit

You can't find them, since in a way you start with them. They are about gaining a certain amount of fame in one lifetime. With each amount of fame you gain 1 star in that class, and there are 5 stars per class. Once you earn a star, you will never lose it. The current levels of fame to achieve are 20(1 star), 150(2 stars), 400(3 stars), 800(4 stars), and 2000(5 stars).

What is a guild?Edit

A guild is a group of people that have access to their own guild hall, and can chat with each other privately. You can create your own guild for 1000 fame at the right wing of Nexus.

What do people mean by 1/8, 2/8, 3/8 ... 8/8?Edit

These fractions refer to the number of stats a character has maxed out of the eight total stats (hp, mp, att, def, spd, dex, wis, vit). The [classes]( page shows all the stat caps.

My answer isn't here. What can I do?Edit

You can ask members of the community for help either in game or via the Forums.
There is also a support page that answers many common questions.

I have a suggestion. Where do I submit it?Edit

Suggestions should be submitted to the Ideas Section. Most of all...Have fun!!!

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